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Ates Software released HandyCafe an Internet Cafe Software which brings prestige to the business with an easy to use structure and its reliability in the network media.
New version includes very fast client start up, new & friendly user interface,
more stable server, strong and fast database access, printer tracking, timers (Console Products), customizable Server, remote Management.
During the installation it provides us with 2 modes for server (cashier) and clients.

The firewall & web filter is able to hinder 96% of the banned web sites in common areas by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It allows the web sites only you let to access.

The remote management allows you to take control of all PCs in your network, you can also support any user without going near him/her and teach him/her the procedure you performed at the same time.

You can make all stock control procedures of snack products and other additional services that you prepared for your customers before the stocks are consumed.

It allows customers to use printer which is connected to the server as they wish. It controls the printouts and counts the printed documents. The users of this program are made aware of the cost and results of the printouts.

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    Stephan Huewe 4 years ago
    — Very good solution for freelancers
    Pros: Portable, rich and innovative features, really helped me to improve my daily work
    Cons: Rather unknown yet

    This tool is really worth to look at. A perfect alternative for Outlook. I'm using this tool in order to keep in touch with my clients and to improve my time management. I don't want to use a cloud solution because my projects and contacts are very sensitive information which shouldn't be stored in the web. But DAISHO can be installed on a usb stick - which is encrypted in your pocket always with you.